360-degree Review, Feedback, and Implementation Plan Report

Our 360-degree review service reviews your current business relating to BIM and Archicad. It takes on board key information from many factors within your operations to then make recommendations and an implementation plan. This plan will enable your business to improve the way you achieve your deliverables with a focus on effective steps to improve the quality of your outputs whilst saving time delivering it.

The plan will cover the process of developing the capability of your team members and the skillsets of selected people to perform the role of BIM Managers. The implementation plan will outline a timeline and estimated costs to align with your business goals. To achieve these goals our methodology focuses on 3 key areas, Strategic, Managerial and Technical. This approach investigates all the moving parts to ensure informed decisions are made in the use of Archicad and the implementation of BIM processes. To develop a successful plan all these areas need to be investigated. Our review will be broken up with the following sub-sections being covered.


Any BIM implementation needs to take into consideration the practice metrics and targeted client and project types. These metrics are used primarily to determine the implementation plan speed based on deliverable requirements now and into the future. These items are prepared by you prior to our discovery workshop.


Systems and processes within an Architectural practice need to respond to the desired Strategic objectives but also must be created to enhance, not hinder the Technical capabilities of a business. Some items are required to be prepared by you before our discovery workshop. We will undertake a review of key templates and documents on our visit to determine what process upgrades will be required as part of the Implementation Plan.

  • Archicad Template Review (Also sold as in individual service)
  • CAD/BIM Manual Review (Also sold as in individual service)
  • Hardware
  • Software & other BIM software
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

These elements are reviewed to determine whether they meet the current strategic requirements of the business and their suitability to the Technical skills of the team. Processes, Systems and Templates are also assessed against "Best Practice" to determine where improvements can be made.


The Strategic Direction of an Architectural practice will never be achieved if the team do not have the right technical skills. These technical skills need to follow the processes and systems at the Managerial level also. The project review is completed at our discovery workshop. The staff survey is to be completed by all team members prior to the workshop.

  • ARCHICAD Project Review (Also sold as in individual service)
  • Skills Survey –Skills gap report for ARCHICAD users (Also sold as in individual service)

These elements are reviewed to understand the current technical capability of your team and how they are delivering projects currently. The metrics obtained inform knowledge gaps and training requirements for your team moving into the future.

360-degree Report and Implementation Plan

At the completion of the investigation phase and workshop, we document our findings into a clear and easy to follow report. We collaborate with you to develop an implementation plan that takes into consideration cash flow, change management and time frames to get your practice up to speed to meet your client needs. This detailed report sets you on a direction to either improve your processes or make changes to meet your clients constantly changing deliverable requirements.

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