Managerial Review | CAD/BIM Manual Review and Feedback Report

Manual Review

The purpose of a CAD | BIM Manual is to provide details on the required processes and standards for outputs for deliverables. It is critical that this document contains all these details so that a consistent quality of output is achieved, and your business does not rely on a few people to pass on the details of the processes to new team members via training that is not documented. Manuals documenting processes prevent bad habits from forming and people assuming what they are to do. In a practice where many people contribute to a project there needs to be documented processes that people need to follow.

For this service, we undertake a review of your CAD/BIM Manual against 33 key elements across 10 sections. As part of our review, we rate each item and provide detailed feedback on areas of improvement required to improve your template to a best practice level.

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