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ARCHINTENSIVE for ARCHICAD Users was an intensive 2-day conference and training event. The sessions and presenters were hand-selected based on their expertise, to assist ARCHICAD users to improve the way they use the software features to meet their deliverable requirements. Each of the topics was delivered in detail over a 75-minute or 40-minute session length. Each session has an accompanying handout to enable you to follow and go through the steps learnt after watching the session.

The program was designed specifically to cover key tools and features that ARCHICAD users will find most beneficial from implementing into their everyday workflows in their business. The focus of the topics was to be as relevant as possible to the majority of ARCHICAD users so that we created a great environment for the community to learn and grow together. Learn about building your ARCHICAD template to align with your deliverables, the power of ARCHICAD Properties, the Revision Tool and how it assists you with document control, and the easy way to create high-quality visualisations using Enscape, learn about CADSWIFT's Door and Window Tool and how you can achieve the different geometry requirements, see how DKO manage and document large projects across multiple offices.

Learn Best Practice Methods

See how the world’s best Archicad users work and gain the most from Archicad’s features.

Gain Efficiencies – Save Time

Learn how to master some of the key features in Archicad to deliver projects faster and safe time.

Discover supporting Tools

See how Archicad users are using other tools alongside Archicad to improve their processes.


Event speaker sessions timetable - expand for details

Session 1 | 9amKey ingredients for a perfect template, with Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Session 1: The key ingredients to the perfect template for accurate / Efficient Documentation

6th February 2020, 9am AEST

The most important investment a company needs to make to gain efficiencies through automation is in their ARCHICAD Template. In this session, Nathan will explain the important components that your ARCHICAD Template should include to gain the most benefits from the software. Features discussed will include Attributes, ARCHICAD Properties, Labelling, Layout Books, Publisher Sets, Translators and other key potential presets.

Session 1 - The key ingredients to the perfect template for accurate / Efficient Documentation
Session 2 | 11amARCHICAD | Grasshopper | Rhino, with Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Beneitez

Session 2 - ARCHICAD | Grasshopper | Rhino

6th February 2020, 11am AEST

The speed in which we are required to deliver projects is forever on the increase. The complexity of our designs and the information attached to model elements is also becoming an expected deliverable. The guys from Enzyme will demonstrate practice examples of how you can use the ARCHICAD Grasshopper Rhino plugin to generate and control geometry, and also control the information that is attached to elements. This provides your practice with the ability to speed up the delivery process of your projects and control the content of your models.

Session 2 - ARCHICAD | Grasshopper | Rhino
Session 3 | 1pmExtracting data from ARCHICAD models, with Matthew Johnson

Session 3 - ARCHICAD Properties - Extracting data from your model

6th February 2020, 1pm AEST

ARCHICAD Properties were introduced in ARCHICAD 20. The capabilities of this feature were enhanced in ARCHICAD 22 with the expression feature added to ARCHICAD Properties. In this session Matthew will explain the possibilities of these features, and how you can benefit from using ARCHICAD Properties for associated labelling, graphic representation for your drawings and for external exports and collaboration.

Session 3 slide - ARCHICAD Properties - Extracting data from your model
Session 4 | 2pmCapturing Existing Site Conditions (surveying), with Liam Thierans, Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Session 4 - Capturing Existing Site Conditions: from Surveyor to ARCHICAD

6th February 2020, 2pm AEST

Session sponsored by: Geometry Gym logo

The tools that Land Surveyors are using to capture existing site information has significantly changed over the last few years. Many ARCHICAD users are not getting the benefits from these new methods of capture. In this session we will discuss how to brief your surveyor and some methods of taking that information and streamlining the creation of existing site conditions

Session 4 slide - Capturing Existing Site Conditions: from Surveyor to ARCHICAD
Session 5 | 3pmARCHICAD to Twinmotion, with Szabolcs Miko

Session 5 - ARCHICAD to Twinmotion

6th February 2020, 3pm AEST

Earlier this year Twinmotion was made free for ARCHICAD 23 users. In this session Saby will demonstrate workflows from ARCHICAD into Twinmotion where he will create a variety of different real time visualisation outputs. These outputs can be used as still perspectives, 360 panoramas and VR exports.

Session 5 slide - ARCHICAD to Twinmotion
Session 6 | 4pmVisualisations using Enscape, with Barbora Nemeckayova

Session 6 - Visualisations using Enscape

6th February 2020, 4pm AEST

Session sponsored by: Enscape / Chaos

Communicating your design with stakeholders is critical. Enscape is a powerful visualisation tool that has a direct link to ARCHICAD. In this session Barbora will demonstrate the workflow of creating perspectives, 360-degree panoramas, fly throughs and live VR. You will be able to see how simple this tool is to use to generate high quality imagery to improve your communication with stakeholders.

Session 6 slide - Visualisations using Enscape
Session 7 | 9amMastering the Stair and Railing Tools, with Szabolcs Miko

Session 7 - Mastering the Stair and Railing Tools

7th February 2020, 9am AEST

The Stair and Railing tools are highly flexible and powerful. This flexibility enables a large variety of geometry options to meet the different design needs of Architects across the globe. The number of settings and options to work through can be initially confronting for users. In this session you will be walked through the features of both of these powerful tools, so that you will see the benefits and capabilities of these tools and be able to incorporate them into your processes.

Session 7 slide - Mastering the Stair and Railing Tools
Session 8 | 10amDoors and Windows modelling/scheduling, with Lachlan Green

Session 8 - Doors and Windows - modelling and scheduling with ease

7th February 2020, 10am AEST

Session sponsored by: CADSWIFT logo

Synopsis: Achieving the correct geometry in your model and information in your schedules is a big challenge in ARCHICAD. In this session Lachlan will step through the features of Cadswift’s Infinite Openings Tool. This tool enables you to model any shape you need for your windows and doors. After working through the geometry capabilities Lachlan will demonstrate the methods of scheduling information in an Interactive Schedule.

Session 8 slide - Doors and Windows - modelling and scheduling with ease
Session 9 | 1pmMultiple office project documentation, with Blair Calvert

Session 9 - Documenting Large Projects across multiple offices

7th February 2020, 1pm AEST

Managing the documentation of large projects has its challenges and needs good planning at the commencement of modelling in ARCHICAD. Additional challenges are faced when large projects are documented across multiple offices around the world. In this session Blair will share the experiences at DKO in delivering large projects across multiple offices, and the different options available to users.

Session 9 slide - Documenting Large Projects across multiple offices
Session 10 | 2pmThe art of Revision Management, with Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Session 10 - The art of Revision Management

7th February 2020, 2pm AEST

The Revision Management feature was introduced in ARCHICAD 18. Although it has been released for 5 years a number of architectural practices have not yet embraced this feature. This is due to a couple of reasons, but typically it is due to the tools flexibility that leads users to confusion on how to add this into their processes. In this session Nathan will pull apart the components of this tool and demonstrate a number of different ways you can use the tool as part of your workflows.

Session 10 slide - The art of Revision Management
Session 11 | 3pmModel linked Specifications with NBS Chorus, with Matthew Johnson

Session 11 - Model linked Specifications with NBS Chorus

7th February 2020, 3pm AEST

Session sponsored by: NBS logo

Some of the biggest challenges Architects face is co-ordination of information. In a model-based environment in ARCHICAD, drawings are now co-ordinated between one another as they are reading information from a single modelled element. The specification however is still isolated and needs to be manually co-ordinated with the documentation. That is until now. In this session Matthew will demonstrate the processes of using NBS Chorus and its connection to ARCHICAD.

Session 11 slide - Model linked Specifications with NBS Chorus
Session 12 | 4pmA world of new BIM tools, with Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Session 12 - A world of new BIM tools

7th February 2020, 4pm AEST

In this final session Nathan will share with you a number of new tools that have been recently launched by software developers from all across the globe. These tools have either a direct connection with ARCHICAD or as tools that can provide benefits to your BIM workflows within your practice. Sure to provide you with a number of takeaways, this session will open your eyes to what is out there.

Session 12 slide - A world of new BIM tools

Presented by leading Archicad & BIM experts from around the globe

Barbora Nemeckayova Barbora obtained a Bachelor of Architectural Design from the University of Technology in Sydney and Certificate III in Multimedia. view profile Barbora Nemeckayova BIM Specialist, Fulton Trotter Architects
Blair Calvert As DKO’s Senior Associate in charge of Technology, Blair Calvert plays a crucial role in driving the strategic deployment of Building Information Modelling... view profile Blair Calvert Senior Associate - Technology, DKO Architects
Eugenio Fontan Eugenio is based in Hong Kong and has more than 10 years of experience developing different kind of projects using BIM. view profile Eugenio Fontan BIM Director | Co-Founder, enzyme
Jorge Beneitez Jorge is a Master Architect and Urban Planner by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM), currently based in Hong Kong. view profile Jorge Beneitez Managing Director | Co-Founder, enzyme
Lachlan Green Starting in a small home office practice using 2D workflows, Lachlan quickly realised the advantages of a BIM platform & began self-training in ARCHICAD. view profile Lachlan Green Architect, Fulton Trotter Architects
Liam Thierans Liam is an energetic spatial professional who is passionate about applying the latest technology and expertise in all facets of surveying. view profile Liam Thierans Spatial Services Manager /Partner, Bennett + Bennett
Matthew Johnson POWE Architects Matthew has spent the last 20 years researching and applying the methods and strategies of integrated building information modelling techniques. view profile Matthew Johnson Associate Director, POWE Architects
Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. view profile Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA Director @ Skewed
Szabolcs Miko Szabolcs worked in various segments of our industry during his studies, construction, design, project management, and after graduation joined GRAPHISOFT. view profile Szabolcs Miko BIM Consultant, GRAPHISOFT HQ