In this presentation, learn the key concepts behind model-based quantification and estimating, by learning about Archicad Classifications, Properties and Interactive Schedules. This presentation will cover the basics for how to build a successful 5D workflow, while showing different examples for how Archicad design tools can be used to create cost outputs. In this presentation, we’ll quickly cover the basic learning objectives behind a successful 5D workflow, and then we’ll jump into a live demonstration that you can follow along with on your own! See if you can keep up during this Archintensive training event!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to organize Archicad with classifications.
  • Learn how to create custom properties for various types of BIM data.
  • Learn how to report element data into interactive schedules.
John Hallgarth

John Hallgarth, Founder, Developer, CONTRABIM

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John is based in Los Angeles, California and has a degree in Construction Engineering Management. Since 2007, he’s worked in the Southern California region... - View profile