Data is everywhere, insights are not. There is a huge amount of data embedded in our BIM models and in a variety of software solutions that manage everything from our clash detection process to our practice accounts. There is useful information in all of these systems and software, but how do you connect it together? How do you monitor progress, track change or report on quality or productivity? Information is only useful if you apply it and use it to inform decisions or create a call to action. From graphic overrides to PowerBi, this presentation will give some glimpses into ways that architectural practices can make use of the data they generate, to find the golden nuggets of information that can drive change and alter behaviour.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what data you have and how you might use it Connect data sources together to see the bigger picture
  • How technology and data science is influencing architectural practice
Rosey Alexander

Rosey Alexander, Head of Technical Operations, Bond Bryan

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An architect by training, but a geek at heart, Rosey enables project teams to embrace and implement digital technology and processes. - View profile