The Archicad-Grasshopper live connection is a game-changer for integrating parametric design into BIM. However, parametric workflows have been possible inside Archicad for decades with the use of GDL programming but just reserved for the bravest who dared to submerge into the depth of programming.

Enzyme APD is a boutique international design firm in Hong Kong that has been pioneering this workflow since 2015. Enzyme brings fabrication and optimization techniques to the design development stage using powerful tools from the Grasshopper ecosystem, combining them with the use of lightweight parametric GDL objects that can be controlled from the Grasshopper interface.

Further showing its commitment to advanced Grasshopper workflows, Enzyme will also give a sneak peek at the latest research the firm has done in JSON/Python API integration and advanced scripting tools.

Key Learning Objectives

  • You will learn when a computational workflow can be beneficial to the BIM workflow
  • You will learn how to optimise the use of GDL objects for lightweight computational workflows
  • You will learn the possibilities of the new JSON/Python API to enhance our Archicad BIM workflows
Jorge Beneitez

Jorge Beneitez, Managing Director | Co-Founder, enzyme

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Jorge is a Master Architect and Urban Planner by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM), currently based in Hong Kong. - View profile

Eugenio Fontan

Eugenio Fontan, BIM Director | Co-Founder, enzyme

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Eugenio is based in Hong Kong and has more than 10 years of experience developing different kind of projects using BIM. - View profile