How do you manage large projects across many offices using teamwork and hotlinks? An exploration on ways to utilise the power of hotlink modules in large projects, from apartment towers to 1000+ lot housing subdivisions. A demonstration of different project types, different team set ups, and how DKO have dealt with the challenges of delivering large projects efficiently. Also covering everyone’s favourite topic…attribute management across files with a bit of template management thrown in for good measure.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Hotlinking Basics: What are they, how do you create them and link them into other files 
  • Different file structures to suit different projects: What works best for a number of scenarios 
  • Pitfalls with hotlinking: How to avoid them
Blair Calvert

Blair Calvert, Senior Associate - Technology, DKO Architects

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As DKO’s Senior Associate in charge of Technology, Blair Calvert plays a crucial role in driving the strategic deployment of Building Information Modelling... - View profile