You have the technology in place, you have cobbled together processes to use the technology, and now the most critical component in implementing change, training the people. Often the most important part, training the people, is overlooked or not even considered. In this session, we will discuss the options you have for training your team members in the use of Archicad and their online training platform. We will also discuss BIM process training with one of the authors of ISO19650, Paul Shilcock. We will also discuss internal platforms that you can use to host and deliver your training internally within your office.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out about the training options that are available to you to get the most out of Archicad.
  • Hear from one of the Authors of ISO19650 and find out where you can learn about this fundamental process.
  • Learn about platforms that can host your internal training content within your office.
Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA, Director @ Skewed

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Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. - View profile

Paul Shillcock, MD at Operam Academy

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Paul is a leading authority on business processes that facilitate the effective management of information throughout the asset lifecycle and support the... - View profile

Pantelis Ioannidis, Manager, Global Professional Services at GRAPHISOFT

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Pantelis is an ARB (UK) and TEE (Greece) registered Architect, with over 15 years of practicing, consulting and BIM management experience. - View profile