In this session, you will learn how to use DesignLCA – an Archicad based LCA calculator that provides a holistic overview of the carbon emissions by including building materials as well as energy consumption from operations already in the early phases where design decisions have a huge impact on the buildings overall carbon emissions.

In the building industry, the term Life Cycle Assessment relates to the systematic analysis of the environmental impact of a given building for a given period. In Denmark, LCA calculations have just become a mandatory part of the building regulations for all new buildings, and the rest of the EU already have/are planning to introduce LCA regulations in the building and construction industry. Furthermore, LCA is also an integrated part of sustainable certifications such as DGNB, BREEAM and LEED.

This presentation will guide you through a holistic approach to LCA calculations and how you can use DesignLCA to identify which parameters you can change to reduce the carbon footprint of your building project.

In other words, by attending this presentation you will learn how to use LCA as a design tool that ensures more environmentally friendly buildings.

DesignLCA is developed by GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark in collaboration with Lendager architects.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  2. How conduct a LCA in Archicad with DesignLCA.
  3. How to use DesignLCA as a design tool to reduce the carbon footprint of your building project.
Thomas Graabæk

Thomas Graabæk, Owner @ Formfaktor ApS / GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark

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