Graphic Overrides are a handy Archicad feature to apply a predefined appearance to model elements by view, conveying information at a glance. It is a powerful tool that helps you deliver smart/elegant project presentations, assist in design/modelling phases, and quality-check your models.

Graphisoft Community hosted a challenge inciting users to share their experiments, gathering creative, innovative and efficient use cases of the Graphic Overrides. Join us in this session to learn tips&tricks from those works.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. How to use the properties and zones to enhance Graphic Overrides capabilities in your projects;
  2. Learn more about Graphisoft Community challenges and how you can participate in upcoming contests.
Rubia Torres

Rubia Torres, Customer Engagement Expert @ Graphisoft

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Rubia Torres is a young architect from Brazil, having worked across disciplines in the construction market, from furniture, through interior and high-rise build - View profile