In Early 2022 the Global Education team at Graphisoft has started a pilot program to help educators and student gain access to Teamwork through BIMcloud Saas. Each year we have a 2 term cycle, where educators can sign up with their class for design or software course projects. This allows the educator to be able to jump in and help student teams directly in their projects and simulate a much better "office like" experience, where each team can operate as a small design studio. Students even have the opportunity to invite other disciplines (structural or MEP) to be part of the design process directly in the model and go through workflows that they are normally only faced with in an office or once they start their own firm. We would like to show you a few use cases and key learnings from the past year, and what we are planning for 2023 and for coming years.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Use of BIMcloud for Educators in their course projects.
  2. Use of BIMcloud for Students collaborating with teammates on university projects, competitions etc.
Szabolcs Miko

Szabolcs Miko, BIM Consultant, GRAPHISOFT HQ

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Szabolcs worked in various segments of our industry during his studies, construction, design, project management, and after graduation joined GRAPHISOFT. - View profile