In our professional life, we transfer more and more tasks from a sheet of paper to the virtual sphere. Is such a model of work really a facilitation? The conducted analyzes and the list of conclusions obtained as a result confirm that intelligent project management, which is possible thanks to modern technologies, has a positive effect on the ratio of time to work efficiency. Although it often requires a certain amount of work and commitment during implementation, it can significantly optimize the designer's work, but what is more - as this study shows, having knowledge about the possible use of a given method of work, e.g. laser scanning, can achieve better communication and understanding with the investor and coworkers.

Thanks to the inquisitiveness in obtaining archival materials and the appropriate use of modern technologies, it is possible to collect a base that can be used to analyze heritage dataset, its way of functioning, the state of preservation, and changes over the years. This, in turn, can be translated into a revitalization project of any structure, the main goal of which is to integrate the actual state and breathe new life into it by introducing new functions.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Get the most from pointclouds for modeling and data management purpose.
  2. Manage to use pointcloud for documentation/archiving purpose and automated drawings using tools like PointCab and Archicad.
  3. Getting most out of the classification in IFC for heritage purpose.
Karol Argasiński

Karol Argasiński, CEO/Founder of BIMfaktoria

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