With Carl Storms from BIM Track

Find out how incorporating BIM Track into your workflow extends Archicad's capacities to include communication management, issue tracking, and smooth and efficient collaboration on projects by involving all your stakeholders in one place. Forget the messy email trails. Forget the lost threads. You're a busy BIM professional and this is a tool that is made with you in mind. Find out how you can spend less time on coordination so you can focus on the part of your day that you love. Did you know you can Involve all of your stakeholders via BIM Track even if they are using different programs? Everyone can view and raise issues with this easy-to-use and easy-to-learn add-in.

Key Learning Objectives

  • LEARN now to raise and resolve your issues directly in Archicad.
  • Save time. Save money. Build better buildings.

Carl Storms, Technical Solutions Lead at BIM Track

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Drawing on his 20+ years of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction, Carl shares a practical and well-rounded understanding of BIM... - View profile