Spaces was designed to allow the freedom and speed of sketching while the application creates a rich building model and integrates into existing solutions for subsequent stages as simply as sketching on a piece of paper.

Users can pick up Spaces and produce something tangible within minutes. While the model is being developed via sketches, building data –like floor areas– are being calculated and reported live. As the design evolves, the overall form and bulk of the building can be further refined, building facades can be applied and the underlying faces can be contoured to make the project more detailed.

The webinar has three takeaways:

  • Learn how sketching is still the fastest way for architects to express and explore their ideas
  • Bring your next concept design to life from sketching to a BIM model in seconds
  • Iterate concepts, test options, and refine your designs quickly and easily
Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA, Director @ Skewed

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Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. - View profile

Dani Ferenc

Dani Ferenc, Marketing Operations @ Cerulean Labs

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Daniel is an experienced architect and marketing professional with a passion for digital technology. Prior to joining Spaces, Daniel spent six years in the - View profile

Martin Sheehan

Martin Sheehan, COO @ Cerulean Labs

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Martin has a passion for technology and has found the AEC industry to be a great fit for this. Focused on developing partnerships and business growth in line... - View profile