enzyme and BIMLAB announce the launch of their new free and open-source 'tAPIr Archicad API - Grasshopper plugin'.

After months of development, enzyme are ready to release their new API that they have been working on internally as a free and opensource project. The project has been developed in collaboration with Grzegorz Wilk from BIMLAB. The project is a grasshopper plugin that will unlock the functionalities of the json and python API of ArchiCAD as well as the BIMx API for those who, like me, cannot write code. Now we can use the node-base interface of grasshoper to assemble and use them.

In the launch webinar, the enzyme and BIMLAB team will present the current functionality and features of the API and take questions from the attendees at the completion of their presentation. Enzyme will share the link to the #github repo for anyone to try.

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA, Director @ Skewed

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Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. - View profile

Jorge Beneitez

Jorge Beneitez, Managing Director | Co-Founder, enzyme

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Jorge is a Master Architect and Urban Planner by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM), currently based in Hong Kong. - View profile

Grzegorz Wilk

Grzegorz Wilk, Company Owner @ BIMLAB

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Architect - graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology. - View profile