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Nathan Hildebrandt and Skewed proudly presented the inaugural ARCHICON – ArchiCAD User Conference on the 22 May 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. Attended by 96 people from across the country and from around the world.

The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for all ArchiCAD users from a Director Level through to a beginner level to learn implementation strategies and new techniques from some of the world’s best.

The presentations presented at the Strategic and Technical levels with attendees leaving the event with techniques and workflows they implemented in their office once they left the event.

Apart from the strategic and technical sessions, the event was all about building the ArchiCAD community and networking with one another. As a community, ArchiCAD users will grow stronger and learn from one another.

Event speaker sessions timetable - expand for details

Session 1 | 8am to 9amStrategic Implementation of ArchiCAD in practice, with Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

ARCHICON 2015 - Strategic Implementation of ArchiCAD in practice

22nd May 2015, 8am AEST

Sharing his experiences in the implementation of new BIM processes at Fulton Trotter Architects, Nathan will share concepts that should be considered by business owners and BIM Managers in the implementation and roll out of BIM processes in their businesses.

Session 2 | 9am to 10amBeyond Architecture, with Rob Jackson

ARCHICON 2015 - Beyond Architecture

22nd May 2015, 9am AEST

Rob’s presentation focuses on the need to look beyond traditional architectural deliverables to meet your future clients needs. He will look at the drivers for change and the changes made within Bond Bryan Architect’s business. He will talk about how Bond Bryan Architects are changing, the challenges they face, but also the benefits they are seeing.

Session 3 | 10am to 11amArchiCAD from a Director’s perspective, with Cameron Martin

ARCHICON 2015 - ArchiCAD from a Director’s perspective

22nd May 2015, 10am AEST

Cameron has led MBMO’s ArchiCAD workflow development to areas where they see the benefit of 1:1 modelling. MBMO are seeing great benefits from their extensive modelling including 3D documents included as part of their detail packages. Moving forward they are investigating BIM briefing software dRofus and how that can benefit the quality of their information.

Session 4 | 11am to 12pmA Volume Builder’s Perspective - Implementing ArchiCAD, with Daniel Large

ARCHICON 2015 - A Volume Builder’s Perspective - Implementing ArchiCAD

22nd May 2015, 11am AEST

Daniel is a recent ArchiCAD convert from Revit. He is also charged with the implementation of ArchiCAD at Image Building Group. He will discuss his experiences in the transition from Revit to ArchiCAD and his journey in the development of Image Building Group’s templates and base working files.

Session 5 | 1pmCollaborating on Site - ArchiCAD | BIMX Docs | Vico, with Colin Dibb

ARCHICON 2015 - Collaborating on Site - ArchiCAD | BIMX Docs | Vico

22nd May 2015, 1pm AEST

Webber Australia provide a unique service to Building Contractors in Australia. Their world leading use of ArchiCAD together with BIMX Docs, OPENBIM connectivity with 4D & 5D BIM BIM software Vico and quality checking in Solibri Model Checker. Colin will share some of the techniques they are using to get the most out of ArchiCAD and BIMX Docs.

Session 6 | 1pm to 2pmBeauty in BIM | Documentation Directly from the Model, with Jared Banks

ARCHICON 2015 - Beauty in BIM | Documentation Directly from the Model

22nd May 2015, 1pm AEST

Automated drawing outputs have gotten significantly easier with each version of ArchiCAD. In this presentation Jared will explain how the smart use of Attribute management, especially the use of Pensets and Building Materials, can automate documentation directly from the model and push the limits of traditional 2D aesthetics.

Session 7 | 3pmDesign Option workflows, with Michael Herse

ARCHICON 2015 - Design Option workflows

22nd May 2015, 3pm AEST

Michael will share several techniques that can be embraced to handle design options in ArchiCAD. These techniques can be used by Volume Builders for Facade Options, or Architects when they need to present multiple schemes to client’s for presentations.

Session 8 | 3pm to 4pmOPENBIM Collaboration, with Matthew Johnson

ARCHICON 2015 - OPENBIM Collaboration

22nd May 2015, 3pm AEST

One of OPENBIM’s quiet achievers, Matthew will share his knowledge in preparing ArchiCAD files with suitable data to collaborate in IFC with Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. These fundamentals are important for all ArchiCAD users to begin to embrace and implement in their workflows.

Session 9 | 4pmGDL for Beginners, with Lachlan Green

ARCHICON 2015 - GDL for Beginners

22nd May 2015, 4pm AEST

Fulton Trotter Architect’s in house GDL Guru will share techniques to build a simple GDL Object step by step. He will also provide direction on where to find the best free GDL Training online to boost your GDL scripting skills to get more from ArchiCAD.

Presented by leading Archicad & BIM experts from around the globe

As a Director of MBMO, Cameron Martin is responsible for advancing MBMO’s commitment to their client’s success through the successful management of the design.. view profile Cameron Martin Director, MBMO
Colin is an Architect with over 30 years of experience, including 20 years of that using BIM. As VDC Services Director at WEBBER Australia... view profile Colin Dibb VDC Services Director, Webber Australia
Daniel is a licensed building designer through the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) and a member of the Building Designers Association.... view profile Daniel Large Image Building Group
Jared Banks, AIA is a licensed architect (WA and MN) currently living in Seattle, Washington. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm... view profile Jared Banks Architect + Blogger, Shoegnome
Lachlan Green Starting in a small home office practice using 2D workflows, Lachlan quickly realised the advantages of a BIM platform & began self-training in ARCHICAD. view profile Lachlan Green Architect, Fulton Trotter Architects
Matthew Johnson POWE Architects Matthew has spent the last 20 years researching and applying the methods and strategies of integrated building information modelling techniques. view profile Matthew Johnson Associate Director, POWE Architects
Lazy by nature, Michael has spent the past 13 years investigating ways to make his daily architectural work life easier. view profile Michael Herse Associate, Wilson Architects
Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. view profile Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA Director @ Skewed
Rob is an Information Manager / BIM Consultant with experience in the construction sector as an ARB registered UK Architect. view profile Rob Jackson Director @ Bond Bryan Digital