Cameron Martin

Director, MBMO

As a Director of MBMO, Cameron Martin is responsible for advancing MBMO’s commitment to their client’s success through the successful management of the design and delivery process. Cameron has had over 20 years of international experience in the design and administration of complex projects across the commercial, health, conference, industrial and retail sectors.

Highlights of Cameron’s career include the successful Directorship of a 45-person practice in the UK, which flourished under his leadership, 7 years as an Associate Director of Morris Bray Architects until the founding of MBMO in 2011.

His approach has been informed by his years as a Project Architect, he is pragmatic and rigorous, focusing on quality documentation and clear communication to all. Cameron enjoys leading a team, collaborating with stakeholders and problem solving to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for the client.

Cameron has extensive knowledge of BIM and how its practical application can lead to documentation improvements, efficiencies and cost savings for clients. He has been utilising 3d documentation for over 14 years.