Greta McNelis

Greta McNelis

BIM & GIS Manager, Brisbane Airport Corporation

Greta McNelis is the BIM and GIS Manager at Brisbane Airport Corporation. During her 4 years at Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), Greta has overseen the delivery of the BIM Strategy including the modelling of both terminals. The 3D modelling project for the Domestic and International Terminals became the Queensland and National Winner for the 2020 National Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA).

Greta’s team drive innovation and digital transformation at Brisbane Airport through initiatives such as The Airfield Driving Simulator.  This world-class Visualization Simulator allows airport staff to train and familiarise themselves with the airfield from the safety of a virtual environment.

Greta also led the implementation of an ESRI & Geocortex GIS Enterprise solution. Connecting people with data through a self-service GIS environment breaks down information silos to improve performance. Staff use GIS to solve problems, manage assets and plan future development for Brisbane Airport.

Greta’s background over the last 20 years was primarily as a GIS Technical Lead in various sectors including Mining: with Rio Tinto, Oil & Gas with QGC and all levels of Government: Gold Coast City Council, QLD Water Grid Manager and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Greta also worked for both ESRI Australia and ESRI Canada.

Despite the unprecedented impacts of COVID on the Aviation Sector, BAC sees BIM & GIS as key technologies central to the current and future CAPEX projects. Greta is proud that her team works to connect BAC staff to the digital airport, to ultimately generate better outcomes for Brisbane Airport.