Tim Mumford

Tim Mumford

CPEng EngExec

- A highly driven and personable executive engineering professional with significant leadership experience in a range of private and public sectors: government infrastructure, mining, oil / gas, refining, and public and private infrastructure.

- Highly successful implementation of a technology policy within government – responsible for the strategic direction, implementation of the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS), which successfully drove the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) across the state.

- Responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and promotion of key Victorian Government initiatives: diversity of the engineering profession, future cities, standards rationalisation, engineering standards reform, and other strategic projects.

- Strong awareness and proven aptitude in understanding corporate risk of organisations, including capital projects and operations.

- Committed and driven to strategic planning (business, operations, resource, and budget) and continuous improvement.

- Demonstrated ability to liaise with various stakeholders; including private industry, public servants, clients, unions, peers, contracted staff and other professionals / non-professionals, to the benefit of an organisation.

- Committed to continuous organisational, self, and professional continuous improvement through lessons learned exercises, post-graduate education, as well as mentoring.