Nathan Jones

Security of Digital collaboration, IP, supply chain, BIM, Smart Cities/communities

Over 20 years experience of delivering through-life, complex project solutions globally. Driving innovation and disruptive technology across the built environment.

UK Steering Group member for British Standard (PAS) and International Standard (ISO) development (PAS185/186 & ISO19650-5). Advises on telecommunications/IT, digital, BIM, IP and collaboration Security contributing to business resilience. Trained CPNI Built Asset Security Manager. Smart City influencer.

An industrious and forward-thinking planner, adept at facilitating complex, multi-stakeholder programmes requiring equanimity and astute decision making to achieve success in high-tempo, high-risk environments. Familiar with working under intense pressure and delivering results in challenging and uncertain conditions, where contingency planning and managing by exception is essential. Experienced in strategic delivery and consultancy across a plethora of sectors both in the UK and overseas whilst remaining technology focused yet supplier agnostic. A passion for technology, mentally agile, with an entrepreneurial flair - consistently professional – a natural leader, adept at getting the best from his team. Proven management and inter-personal skills. Strong values – loyal and disciplined with a respect for others.