Abelardo 'Jojo' M. Tolentino, Jr.

Abelardo 'Jojo' M. Tolentino, Jr.

President and CEO, Aidea

Architect Abelardo ‘Jojo’ Tolentino is the founder, President, and CEO of Aidea, a global integrated design and technology practice. With over 800 projects in 90 cities in 60 countries across 5 continents, Aidea ranks 39th in the World Architecture 100’s annual survey of the world’s biggest architecture practices.

Aidea is recognized worldwide as a frontrunner and expert on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), the first Asian practice to embrace the leading-edge technology in 2005. Based on the desire to advance innovation and to drive digital transformation, Aidea established its technology arm, Aidea Technologies, to provide custom-designed, cross-border Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) solutions providing VDC migration, integration and documentation, and automation and customization expertise to clients across the globe.

With Jojo’s leadership, Aidea has won top prizes in BIM competitions such as Build London Live, Build Qatar Live and BIM Buzz Singapore. The firm was recognized as the Innovation Company of the Year by the Nordic Chamber of Commerce Philippines in 2019 and recently as one of the Top 10 BIM Consulting and Service Companies in APAC 2021 by the Construction Tech Review.

Jojo has been given several awards and recognitions for his work and contribution to the industry. His awards include the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission’s Outstanding Professional of the Year Award, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Award, and the Ernst and Young’s Innovation Entrepreneur Award. As Aidea expands its technology business, the firm continues to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in automation and software integration to provide responsive, intelligent, and data-driven solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.