Emma Hooper

Emma Hooper

Digital Information Specialist at Bond Bryan Digital

Emma is a Digital Information Specialist at Bond Bryan Digital. After falling in love with technical drawing at school, she studied Architecture at the University of Nottingham, after which, her focus and passion shifted to software and the technical side of design.

Working as a technician for many years creating and using vast amounts of production information, she’s seen the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to information. She has a vast knowledge of many types of software, in particular Autodesk® Revit®, in which she is a former Gunslinger.

She now predominantly works as an Information Manager on projects, helping to reduce information waste and risk. Doing so by joining-up the dots between people, process and technology, with an emphasis on OpenBIM principles.

Finding construction information fascinating she has a keen interest in how ideas taken from information science can be applied to get the real value from digitisation. Taking her in-depth knowledge of software and its interoperability and combing this with her understanding of industry standards.

She was part of the first Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) trial project, co-author of the book "Delivering COBie Using Autodesk® Revit®", author of the Revit to IFC Bond Bryan blog series and is now a British Standards Institute B/555 committee member.