Andrew Zarb

3D Project Officer, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Andrew Zarb is the 3D project officer at Sunshine Coast Council.  His expertise was relied on in the creation of a complete 3D computer model of the Sunshine Coast and its implementation across multiple business units.  His 3D modelling has aided decision-makers, providing certainty, guided strategic thinking, visualising potential future scenarios and is commonly used to test development applications and identify and understand related impacts. 

Andrew’s twenty-five years’ experience with ArchiCAD and 3D computer graphics combine with an inquisitive, solution-based, mindset to find innovative and useful ways to answer questions in a variety of applications. Andrew has developed workflows to combine BIM, GIS and an extensive catalogue of data.  In achieving these outcomes he has navigated around various incompatibilities and developed workarounds to maximise efficiency in applications which ultimately benefit the public.