Podcast Episode 42 Digital Twins and the CDBB with Alexandra Bolton and Mark Coates

The Digital Transition Podcast is powered by Bond University’s Building Information Modelling Program. In this episode, I talk with Alexandra Bolton, the former executive Director of the Centre of Digital Built Britain (CDBB), and Mark Coates, the International Director of Public Policy and Advocacy from Bentley. We discuss the lessons that could be learnt here in Australia from the work done in the UK through CDBB, and the role that digital twins will play in the future to provide better outcomes in the way we manage our built assets.

Alexandra and Mark also presented at BrisBIM when they were here in Australia. You can watch the event recording here

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA, Director @ Skewed

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Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. - View profile

Alexandra Bolton

Alexandra Bolton, Former Executive Director, CDBB

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Alexandra Bolton is the former Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Built Britain, where she founded, ran and grew this unique socio-technical change... - View profile

Mark Coates

Mark Coates, International Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, Bentley

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Mark Coates is Bentley’s International Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, where he helps to inform and guide government, policymakers, business leaders... - View profile