Podcast Episode 50 The Digitisation of the Construction Industry with Chris Razzell

The Digital Transition Podcast is powered by Bond University’s Building Information Modelling Program. In this episode, I talk with Chris Razzell from dRofus about the current state of data usage and digitisation of the AECO industries. We discuss the current challenges that are faced, the current uptake of the various sectors, and discuss the opportunities that we can embrace to move forward and benefit from connected data.

Thanks for listening over the last 50 episodes, we will be taking a short break until next year, when we will continue the journey with our next series of podcasts. Take the time to go back over the episodes you may have missed, the content in all of the episodes is still highly relevant. Until we are back, good luck with your Digital Transition.

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA

Nathan Hildebrandt, FRAIA, Director @ Skewed

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Nathan is a Registered Architect in QLD, Australia. He has over 20 years of industry experience delivering complex projects from inception to completion. - View profile

Chris Razzell

Chris Razzell, Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer @ dRofus

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Chris joined dRofus in 2014 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in BIM, Data Management and Project Delivery to the dRofus Executive Team. - View profile