ARCHIRadar provide Archicad plants objects divided into two general families: HI-RES Plants These plants are specifically made to be used for very realistic rendering inside Archicad due to the high detail of the model 3d and textures; they are also compatible with Cinerender providing bumping and reflection channels. These plants are 3d static models that can be scaled in 3d. These plants don’t have a symbolic view in elevation. 2D-3D Parametric Plants These plants are 3d models always different one another generated randomly by a GDL algorithm; the plants have a real growing factor according to their height, reaching also large dimension; they have a lower level of detail with a low number of polygons; these plants have a symbolic model for elevation and a realistic plan symbol; they are better to be used for drafting drawings, but also for conceptual rendering and BIMX.


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