The ISO 19650 series of BIM process standards are progressively being adopted across the globe as the methodology to follow for delivering BIM projects. Due to the expansive need for this training in Australia and across the globe, we have partnered with Operam as an Affiliate of Operam Academy. Operam Academy led by one of the authors of ISO 19650 Part 2, Paul Shillcock. Operam Academy has several offerings including online and face to face to assist you and your practice to succeed and meet the needs of your clients now and into the future.

The Information Management Practitioner course by Operam Academy includes over 12 hours of independently certified online learning. It is broken down into 12 separate modules, with each module broken down further into micro-learning sized segments. These segments include interactive components where you have to provide responses based on what you have learnt throughout each segment. Each module is then closed out by completing a test and achieving the 80% pass mark.

The Information Management Practitioner course can also be trialled for free for a period of 7 days, to see that the content is in line with your needs. 


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