Now let me start with a critical point. This isn’t a pissing competition! It isn’t an immature argument or debate on which BIM authoring tool is better! It is about attempting to create an unbiased comparison of the tools so that owners and managers of Architectural practices in Australia can make an informed decision on which tool delivers their business the best outcomes.

The first question people ask when they see I am doing a presentation on this topic is "WHY" 

I have seen many biased demonstrations and articles written about side by side comparisons over the last 5 years. These presentations were created by people in the industry that had significant vested interests in presenting their specific tool of choice in the best light. Often these comparisons have been unrealistic and don’t demonstrate the true workflows that are undertaken on a daily basis to achieve the deliverables of the Architect here in Australia.

I honestly want to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the tools when put through the processes that are undertaken by Architects throughout the delivery process. Now there is no benefit in me sitting down and trying to learn Revit to do this. It needs to be an expert in each of the tools working through the processes and demonstrating/convincing the other that their tool is more powerful undertaking a specific task.

Dom and I will be completing this testing over 12 rounds, hence the boxing theme. Each round will look at different aspects that are important to Architects here in Australia. We have selected this demographic due to our significant experience in delivering projects in Architectural Practices here in Australia. For me, I see the best outcome of this research and resulting presentation at BILT ANZ 2020 as a scorecard that business owners can interrogate against their business needs and make an educated decision on the tool that suits them best. I honestly don’t even want to tally the score at the end of the 12 rounds as I see no relevance in a total score.

It is going to be an exciting 5 months working with Dom to understand each of the tools better and (in my opinion) finally see balanced research of these two leading BIM Authoring Tools against one another.

Registrations for BILT ANZ 2020 will open in January. Head over to the website to learn more about the event. This presentation is not to be missed.