BrisBIM 10th Birthday

Last night the community celebrated 10 years of BrisBIM events. Over the last 10 years a committee of dedicated volunteers has delivered 52 events for the AECO industries in the greater Brisbane area. It is something that I am very proud to be currently chairing because I know it brings value and learning to the industry. It also has the ear of the Queensland Government, and it was very fitting that Grant Perry was presented on the night, sharing with the community the direction that the QLD Government are taking with their Digital Implementation Policy review, and their newly formed Digital Twin implementation team.

I must note that I am not one of the founders of this initiative, I was an attendee at the first event, and knew that the concept was a great one, and in the coming months I put my hand up to join the team to deliver these exciting events. I started off as the sponsorship manager and at the end of 2018 took the reins as chair, as the founding chair Mark Cronin stepped back from the time-consuming role.

Kudus needs to go to Mark Cronin, Adam Sheather, Clay Hickling, Nathan Love and Sherman Powell for coming up with this idea in 2012. BrisBIM was the first CityBIM industry event group formed. Based off its success, other capital cities across Australia followed and created their own CityBIM events. They have run events in a similar format as BrisBIM, providing a great platform for the AECO industries to learn from their peers. The volume of work that goes into putting these events together, and the logistics that is required to line up all the components make it hard to keep the events running. We have been very lucky to have a great venue sponsor in QUT, having provided the venue for almost all our events over the last 10 years. Challenges with venues have seen several other CityBIM events struggle to deliver consistent events, due to free space availability, which is always the biggest juggle in getting the events started in the first place.

These events are all free to attend, and we rely on sponsors to assist and sponsor the events, to cover catering costs. The sponsors pay the caterers directly, and to assist in reducing paperwork, BrisBIM never touches any money associated with the events, providing the most ethical event delivery possible. Thanks, must go to the sponsors that have supported BrisBIM, and look to sponsor our events in the future.

To the presenters that have presented with us once or several times over the last 10 years. Without your willingness to share your expertise, we wouldn’t have any stories to learn from, discuss and debate afterwards. The view is always to help educate and share knowledge in the industry to help it grow and move forward together.

And finally to my fellow committee members, Mark Cronin, Clay Hickling, Sherman Powell, Adam Sheather, Nathan Love, Karl De Wet, Joe Banks, Robin Drogemuller, Carol Hon, Jurij Karlovsek, Matthew Boynton and Philip Shanks, thank you for your efforts in bringing these events to life.

I look forward to seeing how BrisBIM can continue to provide value to the AECO industries in the next 10 years.