NATSPEC has recently updated their NATSPEC National BIM Guide document suite. It is the first time it has been updated since 2016. The update takes into consideration processes and terminology in the AS ISO 19650 standard series. The National BIM Guide is supported by the following additional documents.

  • Appendix A – Glossary - Includes definitions and explanations of terms and abbreviations used in the Guide.
  • Appendix B - AS ISO 19650 Resources Descriptions - Includes brief descriptions of documents and resources that support the information management processes described in AS ISO 19650.
  • Appendix C - BIM Use & Enabler Descriptions - Includes descriptions of BIM uses and enablers including their potential value, scope considerations and useful references that can be used as a resource when selecting appropriate BIM uses on a project.
  • Appendix D - Defining Information Requirements - Includes guidance and resources for using the following templates to specify information requirements:
    • Asset Information Requirements (AIR) Template.
    • Project Information Requirements (PIR) Template.
    • Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Template.
  • Templates - Editable templates include
    • AIR template (AS ISO 19650 aligned).
    • PIR template (AS ISO 19650 aligned).
    • EIR template (AS ISO 19650 aligned).
    • Project BIM Brief (PBB) Template. This serves a similar function to the PIR and EIR templates. Useful for simpler projects and eliciting a BIM brief from clients. 

Access the NATSPEC National BIM Guide here

Skewed’s Director, Nathan Hildebrandt was one of the active reviewers of the updated document suite and believes that the new documents are beginning to bring Australia closer to the industry leading approach being taken in the United Kingdom. Nathan suggests that people that have been using the 2016 version of the NATSPEC National BIM Guide, take the time to read the latest release. If you need support in determining your Information Requirements, or assistance in producing BIM Execution Plans in response to Exchange Information Requirements please contact us directly.