Earlier this year the Australian BIM Academic Forum (ABAF) produced a new paper titled, BIM Competency Framework for Australian Universities. The goal of the framework was to fulfil two key ABAF objectives.

  1. Promote BIM education and learning in Australian universities
  2. Developing the minimum requirements for BIM-related curricula

The focus of the paper is on developing a consistent approach to competencies and their relevant resources to deliver BIM education based on specific BIM uses. The intention of this framework is the development of curricula for university-level courses. It provides a great foundation for training providers looking to align with the requirements of the industry once students graduate.

I think this is a great framework but there are two areas I think are missing. Firstly, the framework is focused on technical delivery. It doesn’t include anything regarding information management or ISO 19650 processes. It also misses the biggest issue we have in the industry, and that is a training framework for the actors that are already in the industry. I know this specific area is outside of the scope that ABAF is targeting, but there really needs to be a plan put in place to train the existing industry as well.