It is that time of the year again and GRAPHISOFT have delivered another great release in ARCHICAD 19. There are a great number of features in this release and a number of these will make the creation of Traditional and BIM deliverables more accurate and efficient. SPEED is the focus of this release and SPEED you get. I don’t really see this as a feature in itself because all software developers should be providing this. Some just don’t think it is important. Point Clouds are another key feature of this release that haven’t made my list for this year. It is a great long awaited feature for some and it is pretty neat but point clouds are not really part of our processes at the moment. Let’s work our way through my favourite features.

No. 5 - The Surface Painter

Surface Painter

The New Surface Painter interface for 3D surface application removes a number of clicks and provides a smooth UI to apply/change surfaces in your model. Our workflows involve the overriding of all surfaces of our elements. The Surface Attribute represents a finish to the base Building Material and in AC18 the method for applying surfaces would be undertaken in plan view or in 3D by clicking on the element, opening the dialogue then expanding and changing the relevant surfaces. This process is replaced with a quick and easy 2 click process. Click to select surface, then click to apply. The visual feedback is really good and you can see how finishes relate to one another live in the 3D view. GRAPHISOFT - SURFACE PAINTER YOUTUBE VIDEOS

NO. 4 - Attribute Management

No, ARCHICAD 19 doesn’t have a new attribute manager. But there are a number of features I would like to bundle together that have been implemented to improve a number of issues and Attribute pollution that occurs in all projects. Firstly the Import Steel Profile has an option to select the BMAT applied to it. This prevents a BMAT, Surface and Fill being added to your attributes if you have changed the attributes from the out of the box solution. GRAPHISOFT - STEEL PROFILE YOUTUBE VIDEO

The next Attribute catcher is the new features in the IFC translator for imports where you can map BMAT from IFC Materials and Surfaces as well. This saves having to clean attributes from IFC reference models when they are received. Until there is a line in the sand and all data is agreed this feature will form a critical part of the OPENBIM Reference Model process.

IFC Translator

NO. 3 - IFC Scheme Mapping

The UI for IFC Scheme Mapping was introduced in AC18. It was my favourite feature of AC18 as it enabled users to create custom data strings for internal and external IFC export. There were a few restrictions in the mapping. In AC19 users now have the ability to select a GDL Parameter that is common between multiple objects in lieu of having to individually select every object.

IFC Scheme Mapping

NO. 2 - BIMX Pro – Custom Information

This feature unlocks the data that is embedding in elements in ARCHICAD and brings them into BIMX to provide a mobile data rich model. It enables us to take IFC mapped (custom data combinations) and create the desired data for each IFC type within the model to inform our team, consultants and contractors what elements are without the need to look at a drawing. GRAPHISOFT YOUTUBE BIMX PRO VIDEO

NO. 1 - Labelling

My top feature for ARCHICAD 19 is labels. We have had custom labels as part of our template at Fulton Trotter Architects since the introduction of AC17 with MVO controls to workaround the constraints of only being able to label an element once. The new label feature lets all users add as many labels that they want to an element, calling upon native data and IFC data dependent on what is required. The added flexibility in leader and alignment also enables quick label alignment. These out of the box labels will see the FTA label suite fully rewritten to take on board the great label features. The one catch of these labels is that to get the most out of them users will need to apply meaningful data to their elements. GRAPHISOFT LABEL YOUTUBE VIDEO


The features in this years not only focuses on OPENBIM processes but enables more automation and speed in the production of Traditional Drawing outputs which will still be a critical deliverable for the near future. The features in this release truly follow my philosophies in having 0% dumb information. It is releases like this that make me proud to be an ARCHICAD user.

Hot Gossip

I have decided that it is time to share my knowledge and in July I will be launching the Skewed S#19 ARCHICAD 19 Template. The template is currently being built embracing my BIM philosophies and the key features of ARCHICAD. This template will be unique on the market focusing on data and accuracy and coordination of your Architectural deliverables. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the template when it launches and have an opportunity for special offers insert your email in the follow section (located on the top right hand corner of this page). It is time to open more opportunities within ARCHICAD to the general users.