Asset owners are familiar with Superintendent’s acting as an independent party that administers their construction contract. They periodically inspect the built works to check that the contractor has built what was documented by the consultant team, and they administer various amendments to the contract in the form of extension of time claims, variations and instructions. This role is well understood due to the number of years that this role has been in existence. 

Moving into a digital age and new standards like ISO19650-1.2018 and ISO19650-2.2018 asset owners are beginning to take charge of the information that they want delivered throughout the design, construction and handover phases of their projects. 

For most people being able to check that the information delivered throughout the project conforms with the contract is quite difficult due to the volume or complexities. ISO19650-1.2018 and ISO19650.2-2018 introduce a new role to projects, the "Information Manager." 

Their role is very similar to that of an Architect undertaking during the planning phase. The Information Manager works with the client to document their Information Requirements. These Information Requirements are then included in the contracts of the design team and the construction team. During the Design and Construction phases of the project, the Information Manager performs a role similar to that of a Superintendent. They check the deliverables from the consultants and contractors independently and either accept the deliverables on behalf of the asset owner or reject them and request resubmission. 

Moving into the future there will be specialist "Information Managers" or hopefully we will see current Superintendent becoming digitally enables and also capable of being a "Digital Superintendent." Hopefully, asset owners begin to understand the benefits of specifying their information requirements on top of their physical building requirements. And not be confused by the new terminology and role of the "Information Manager." Essentially, they are a "Digital Superintendent," and will help asset owners obtain the information they need, when they need it.

If you want assistance to become capable as a "Digital Superintendent" or Information Manager, reach out to us and we can assist you and your business become capable. If you are an asset owner and want assistance in specifying your information requirements Skewed is also capable of being your "Digital Superintendent" or Information Manager.