Many people are aware that I am a passionate person when it comes to building communities. You see this through my involvement in numerous committees and events. In particular, I am very passionate about strengthening the ARCHICAD user community. I want to see people using ARCHICAD succeed and learn how to use the tool better. There are also many other fantastic tools that now integrate with ARCHICAD that users firstly need to be made aware of, and secondly by being shown features and processes they will see how using the tools will benefit their business. 

Because of this passion, I am excited to announce the launch of ARCHINTENSIVE for ARCHICAD Users Conference. It is the first conference dedicated to ARCHICAD users in Australia since I held ARCHICON in 2015 (2016 co-located with RTC). ARCHINTENSIVE to ARCHICAD Users is an intensive 2-day conference and training event, being held in Brisbane at the Australian Institute of Architects QLD Chapter offices, on the 6th and 7th February 2020.

The sessions and presenters have been hand-selected based on their expertise to assist ARCHICAD users to improve the way they use the software features to meet their deliverable requirements. The topics are delivered in detail over a 75-minute or 40-minute session length. Each session will have an accompanying handout to enable attendees to go back to their office and go through the steps learnt in the live sessions at the event.

The event not only provides world-class training in the use of ARCHICAD and other tools, the conference enables opportunities to network with fellow users from across Australia. We want to build and strengthen the ARCHICAD user community. You have the rare opportunity to have discussions with leading ARCHICAD users about your challenges and learn from their experiences, all whilst sharing yours.

To bring additional value to the event attendees can choose to complete questionnaires for each of the presentations to earn 12 formal CPD points.1 We are also excited to offer our delegates, through our valued sponsor CADSwift, 12 months free subscription to their Infinite Openings Tool at the value of $248.2

Early bird tickets are now available for the event in limited numbers. Head over to the ARCHINTENSIVE event website to see all of the details of the event including the program and the speakers. 

I look forward to seeing you in February at ARCHINTENSE.



1. Check with your professional registration body.

2. Available as a 12-month subscription per practice.