BILT Academy Podcast Guest

Back in June 2020, I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute as a guest on the BILT Academy Podcast. David interviewed me along with a number of other industry experts about various topics regarding BIM. As an openBIM expert, David took the time to ask me questions on the topic of openBIM and the message that I thought was important to students currently studying, preparing themselves to join the industry. 

To listen to the podcast follow the links below.


About the BILT Academy

The BILT Academy is a non-profit organization and part of the RTC Foundation in Europe. They are a group of hardworking students from different parts of Europe and focusing their studies and working hours in the fields of the building industry.

About the BILT Academy Podcast

The BILT Academy Podcast will be published monthly, with each episode being filled with news, insights, and knowledge from within and around the building industry – touching base on the academic, scientific, BIM and technology-related topics that keep our building industry turning, to keep YOU the listener apprised and in the know. Each episode will be thoughtfully curated, based on the topic by our BILT Academy correspondents via research and industry expert interviews.