The Queensland Government released the Digital Enablement for Queensland Infrastructure – Principles for BIM Implementation in November 2018. This policy covers all Queensland Government Agencies and sets the framework from which each Agency can determine its Information Requirements.

The current scope is for new major construction projects with an estimated value of over $50 million, or on projects of lesser value where the government department sees the value. The objectives of the policy include greater project efficiency, reduced project risk, improved safety, and improved whole-of-life outcomes.

The policy is centred around four pillars or principles.

  • Open: openBIM approach to enable interoperability and archivable information
  • Managed: Information to be managed securely for at least the life of the asset
  • Effective: The government agencies will follow standards and align where possible between agencies and across Australia.
  • Supported: Relevant capacity and capability within the Queensland Government will be developed and maintained.

This centralised policy approach by the QLD Government needs to be applauded, despite the policy being short on detail. It provides a foundation for each agency to develop varying levels of information requirements without being hamstrung by a far-reaching detailed overarching policy.