RTC Australasia 2015 on the Gold Coast was my first ever time at this event as a Delegate and as a Speaker. Many would ask what an ArchiCAD User is doing at an RTC conference? It is a fair question from the ArchiCAD Community having seen these events marketed as a Revit Technology Conference over the last 10 years.


This year’s event had 50% content that was non REVIT related! And the focus of the organising committee is to introduce changes to make the event more OPEN. Out of the 60 odd presentations this year there were 4 ArchiCAD users presenting, Rob Jackson, Matthew Johnson, Stephan Langella and myself. Albeit to small audiences we were sharing our experiences and opening up the minds of the delegates into other processes.

It was wonderful being made to feel extremely welcome by RTC’s founder Wesley Benn and RTC Australasia’s chairman Chris Needham. These guys along with the other committee members have worked really hard over the last 10 years to put together a bloody pretty spectacular event. The community that they have built is impressive and experiencing it first hand made me realise why I wanted to put on ARCHICON in the first place. It is a great environment to share experiences, learn new things and meet great people.

RTC Memory

I believe that ArchiCAD Users should come along to these events and even submit an abstract to present to share your BIM experiences. There is a lot to be gained from not only attending but also sharing your knowledge with others. I sincerely hope to be down at the Hunter Valley for next year’s event.

If you are an ArchiCAD User and are considering attending / presenting, send me a message and we can chat more about the benefits.